Thursday, March 24, 2011

Boot Camp and Waiting Scarf

Hey blog!

Just wanted to pop in and give you a little update. I just recently graduated from Navy Boot camp, and got my first bit of knitting back. It's the boot camp and waiting scarf that I started the night before I shipped out and that I knit all the way to the inproccessing building at Great Lakes. It's knit in some super cushy acrylic yarn (probably my favorite acrylic brand right now ) Loops and Threads impeccable Ombre ^_^ No idea what size needles I'm using - generic circulars in case boot camp made me throw them out. They didn't even see me put them in the 'send home' box. ;)

Started with a square of garter stitch and then invented a little pattern based on threes.

Garter square

3 rows stockinette
3 three rows of garter and stockinette

square of garter

3 rows stockinette

three squares of seed stitch in between squares of garter


I'm 2/3s of the way done. Aiming to do (of course) three repeats of the pattern.

My other yarn and needles are in the mail. I should be picking up my cables and lace scarf and starting a new pair of socks within the next week or too. Also hopefully there will be a camera somewhere along the way and we can get caught up on pictures.

Until then, stay chill :)