Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dark Mark Scarf Update #2

progress continues on the scarf, as you can see. I'm now entering the exciting stripe section. I've also began to wonder if I'll have enough of the brown yarn to finish..... Hmmm.

Nothing else exciting to report, the green yarn broke which is why there are all those nasty lose ends in the picture. I'm working through season 4 of Stargate SG 1 via hulu while I'm knitting this. My life is pretty much awesome ^^;;


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dark Mark Scarf Update #1

Hello blog!

with the help of photoboth I am ready to update you on my dark mark scarf progress ^__^ I'm knitting on this project pretty much exclusively right now, but it's still going at a snails pace. I have 21 more rows to do to finish the first dark mark, then miles of patternless middle, and then a second dark mark on the other side. And there's a deadline. Deadline knitting is kinda stressful but awesome at the same time. Anyways, on with the photos :

Pretty sweet huh? I'm basically knitting two scarfs in one, instead of following the instructions in the pattern for shadow knitting, I'm knitting this with the double knitting technique, so it's reversible ^^;; There's a good tutorial on double knitting here if you're curious.

Looking at what I've knit so far, there are a *few* places in the pattern where I wish I had altered things a little differently, but overall I think it's coming out nice. I can't wait to finish!

That's all I've got for now,

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Progress without pictures

Hello guys.

Sad news. My camera is dying. It's slowly, desperately dying. Every now and then I can get a picture or two from it, but it insist that the batteries are dead. No matter how many times I put in brand new batteries, the poor camera just can't go on for much longer.

Even without photos, I thought I'd better post a little update on my current WIP's. I officially have five projects going now, here they are :

1. Swallow tail. Gorgeous project that's not hard, but scares the living daylights out of me anyways. I haven't touched it since december.
2. Nine to five socks. Finished the first sock and am working on the ribbing for the second.
3. Snowball's chance in hell arm warmers. Finished the first glove and am trying to do the duplicate stitch on it. Not going well despite successful attempts on swatches.
4. Hey Teach! I'm doing the armhole shaping for the back piece. I love this project, although I wont lie, figuring out how to continue the pattern during the armhole shaping is a lot harder than the pattern writer seems to think.
5. Dark mark scarf. I finally found some colors that I liked in sport weight yarn. The bernet sofftee that I'm using is too lose and splitty and I don't like it much, but the color is spiffy and I think the scarf will come out decent, even if a little flawed, and I'll love it once it's done.

So, that's about it for now. Hopefully I'll be able to wrangle some pictures soon, untill then

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hey, Teach!

Hello guys.

So, even though I have several projects currently on the needles, I have been looking forward to casting on for Hey, Teach! for quiet some time now. I bought the Yarn and the needles several months ago, but have been waiting to start this project in order to do a knit-a-long with my sister who will also be starting her first sweater soon. (did I mention Hey, Teach is going to be my 'first sweater type project'? ) My sister got the yarn for her project recently and is only waiting for her new harmony wood knitpicks needles to come in the mail to start, so I went ahead and cast on a few days ago. I simply couldn't wait any longer! After all of the projects I've been doing lately on DPNS this project feels like a breath of fresh air. I'm knitting them on size 8 knitpicks circulars, which are like a dream to knit with, and I'm using the new comfy worsted yarn. It is so, so soft. I can't stop touching it and petting it. I love the way it's knitting up (although my gauge seems to keep changing and it's a bit noticeable in some places) I could probably finish this project super fast if I'm not careful, but I'll try to pace myself!



Maryland Sheep and Wool

Hello blogverse, and wow!  I've been extremely silent lately haven't I? Over the next week or so I'll try to update you on what's on the needles, today is the much belated Maryland sheep and wool post. 

So, Maryland Sheep and wool was way back in the first weekend of may. I went on sunday with my room-mate, and if you remember, it was cold and rainy that day. It was the most miserable weather, cold, wet, and MUDDY. Despite this we managed to have loads of fun looking at the sheep and all of the gorgeous stuff for sale.  Although, being an unemployed student did make the trip a little depressing. So much stuff that was just totally out of reach for me. For instance, the spinning wheels. Wow are they pretty! 

Anyways. I wont bore you with much else. Watched the shawl auction which was pretty cool, and BTW the kettle corn there was TO DIE FOR.  This is what I bought :


The candy wrapper came with the yarn. Since the yarn dyer is from Idaho she included the candy with the purchase! I thought that was a very sweet touch ^__^
The candy was.... marshmallowy dipped in chocolate. Not really my cup of tea, but not half bad either!
I love the colors in the yarn and cant wait to knit it!