Tuesday, May 31, 2011

FO Triple threat!

Dear blog, The last month sort of went by in a whirlwind. All sorts of crazy stuff going on what with class starting and me moving rooms, and it all boils down to me finishing three epic projects without having the time or the sense to blog about them. So here we go!

Yay! I love this pattern. Easy to knit, fun to wear, who could say no?
Knit with loops & threads impeccable (my current acrylic of choice ) and while ravelry doesn't know what size needles I used, I'm guessing it was probably US7's. Those are the DPNS that get the most use from me! (tho now that I think about it, it could easily have been the US3s, my 2nd most used set... This is why we document things as they happen ppl...)
I knit the first glove during smart start, and found out that one of my teachers also knits! She came to class wearing several different lovely lace scarfs :) She said the pattern looked really similar to Bella's mitts. Guess if you've seen one cable you've seen them all...

FO : Onerva

Mmmmh. I love this scarf! I only wish I had my personal photographer here to take nicer pictures ;)
Knit on US5 circulars in malabrigo laceweight, this thing is the softest dreamiest thing I've ever knit. I was afraid I'd run out of yarn at the end, and so I did a simple stretchy bind off.... It curls and I'm not the biggest fan. But it's not bad enough to ruin the overall awesomeness.

So I went absolutely crazy one sunday.... No yarn, no projects... no yarn.... Stubornly refusing the 2 socks worth of sock yarn in my drawer.... no yarn. Is there seriously no yarn? That's when I stumbled upon my back-up skien of impeccable worsted. The one I bought *just incase* I ran out while knitting Evangeline. I realized I had failed miserably in all of my previous attempts to crochet anything, and that I had a whole day ahead of me with nothing to do..... And that's how I got this hat. It only took a day to crochet, but it's taken me years to leap off of the granny-square edge.

So yeah. Wow. Loads of FO's. Hoping I'll be able to bring some WIPS to my next post. I'm expecting a Knitpicks order in the mail, and yes, the sock yarn and I are having a dialogue. But that's a story for another day.

Until then

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

FO : Mystery Starghan

Dear blog,

I feel like it's been ages since I've had a decent FO post, so here's my attempt.
The knitted starghan pattern is delightful in many ways; simple, easy to follow, and brilliant. I love that you can knit in a circle and end up with a star-shape. That, to me, is awesome.

I managed to cram all these stitches onto a teeny tiny circular needle. I bought four skeins to do the stripes, but ended up only using half of each color (So there's another stripy pattern in my future.)
The blanket is miles and miles of knitting, with only a token scattering of yarn overs and decreases so it did get a little mind-numbing in places. But after all, that's what Buffy is for ^__^

In other news ; Onerva is going at a steady pace, Evangeline is nearly done, and I placed a knitpicks order today for a sweaters worth of dark blue yarn ^^;;

Peace out.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Starts and fits

Hey blog,

Yesterday I mailed the mystery project, so it's off on it's own little adventure now.

I've been knitting on Evangeline, already raced past the halfway point despite the mental block on knitting without a cable needle.

It's so pretty ^^:;
Started season three of medium. Wow. Totally forgot how awesome this show is. lol.
anyway, figured I'd go back to knitting on onerva today and save the cables for knitting during class breaks :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Hey blog, no photos today. Just popped in to acknowledge the near-completion of the mystery project. I achieved a new rank in my skills as a knitter while finishing this project, as I was able to knit the last 6 rows and bind off in pattern while simultaneously finishing a book on my kindle ^__^

I also cast on a new project last week or so, Evangeline. It's my second go at the pattern and I started it mostly to fulfill my need for cable knitting admits all the lacy yarn-overs and garter stitch of my other two projects. I taught myself how to cable without a cable needle during my last cable pattern, but alas, this is a skill that is not like riding a bike, as I discovered when I tried to work out how to do it again for this pattern.

I'll have to dig through the net for a good refresher course I suppose.

Until next,