Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Movies at Midnight

Wow. So I just realize that this post was never finished and that FO photos have yet to be uploaded. Whoops! Life goes on even when it's not being carefully documented :) here they are at last!


I cast off at exactly 7:36, plenty of time to make it to the midnight showing!


Um, what else? how 'bout some FO stats?

Pattern : Dark Mark Illusion scarf
Needles : US 6
Yarn : (1) Red heart designer sport in Brown, and (1) bernett softee baby in aqua

BTW, the bernett softee is pretty flimsy IMHO. It's a little splitty and lifeless, so despite the very good color selection I doubt I'll be using it again. Sigh. I know, nice acrylic is hard to find. Shocker :)

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