Sunday, October 18, 2009

Big Project Pending

Hey, Blog. Guess what I scored yesterday?

This is 15 balls of Ella rae classic in color 114. The color is sort of like a muted brick-red with muted purple overtones. It is destined to become the Empress coat which I will be knitting with my LYS's Empress coat knit-along. I'm not really sure how this project happened, I found out about the knit along and within days the pattern and yarn were magically in my possession. Truth be told, I'm not too fond of either the pattern or the color, and wouldn't choose to wear either, but fortunately my mother has volunteered to be the recipient of this item when it's finished, giving me leave to enjoy 3,200 odd yards of stockinet stitch joy ^__^

This project couldn't have come at a more ideal time, either. My argument with Hey, Teach has been putting a dampener on the knitting lately, but with fall quickly turning to winter, and my midterms coming up, (not to mention all the cold rain we've been getting) I think this whole knit along is going to be a real sanity saver!

I've also been making progress on the sock. The real breakthrough was when I finally memorized the pattern repeat. (I know, it's only four rows, I'm ashamed it took this long ) I'm chugging away at the second sock, mere inches from the heel flap

Of course, all of this red yarn is starting to tire my eyes, and I'm really looking for an excuse to knit something else, like this lovely green :

This is a swatch for the Sideways spencer redux sweater. I've been really itching to knit this pattern for a long time. The only problem? I wanted to do it in a dark red, but I think if I buy any more red yarn for a long time I'll be absolutely sick, or possibly damage my poor eyes!
I'm not really into this color as a sweater though. So I think I'll knit a hat, or maybe gloves instead. Something with cables, hopefully.

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