Monday, December 14, 2009

FO's for the win

Hey blog!

I'm writing today in a simi-sleep deprived state, after having managed to complete both a pair fetching gloves and a crofter's cowl. I suppose it was only a matter of inevitability that I would screw up. The fetching pattern turned out to be so freaking fun to knit (and such a darn pretty end product to boot) that I started another pair. (Of course my favorite part is the thumb. Maybe I'm just new to glove construction but I find the thumb to be particularly sweet).
Anyway, I finished the first glove, and then started the other (while watching the Syfi movie Alice, and later Bourn identity) And I totally forgot to reverse the cables for the second glove! Sigh. The crux is always in the details, right? I suppose I could have just kept knitting, but that wouldn't have done full justice to the pattern, so I frogged it @_@
I'm much too tired to begin again tonight, but I'm enjoying my little knit marathon. I've got several more projects lined up, including the finishing of the Empress coat and The 9 to 5 socks. ( I know the sock has been a WIP for a long time. And I feel bad about that, but it's day will come soon. )

Pictures and rants about why I now love knitting thumbs in a future post!

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