Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August ends

Hello blog,

It's slow around here. I didn't knit nearly as much during the summer as I had thought I would. I literally spent 5 or 6 hours a day doing Japanese related things, watched an indecent amount of hulu, and I managed to scratch or in some way hurt my eye. After two weeks of searing pain, an eye doctors visit, and another week of daily eye-drops, it has been determined that the 6 months of vision therapy I had last year are wearing off, and my eyes are yet again refusing to corporate. They hurt, I'm getting insane head-aches from trying to read books, or the internet, and my light sensitivity is way high. You wont catch me admitting this to my parents, but the glare from my computer screen is so painful that I've turned the brightness down to only three bars, and hulu is pretty much off limits. (I could force myself to watch it, but it only makes me blind with pain. )

The upside of this is that I've had loads more time to think....and day dream about all the yarn I want to buy/knit with.
using the Techknitter blog and videos from I taught myself how to knit continental style so that I could try color work with one color in each hand. I've knit things with two colors before, but in a random method-less way that I don't ever want to revisit. I have a pattern all picked out, (A hat. Surprised?) and some lovely sport weight yarn, but have only just realized that I do not have any circular needles small enough. My smallest circular is US 6, I need US3 and US4. I do have US2 DPNS, but..... I will kill myself before trying to knit a hat on DPNS. I hate DPNS. I guess this means I need to cross my fingers and pray for another knitpicks gift card. (And we wont mention the intense jealousy this recent palette stash has caused me. I'm trying to be a better person )

I *did* recently score the summer 2009 issue of The Knitter magazine, complete with interview with Meg Swansen and Jared Flood. Sweet =)

Also, I'm mere inches away from binding off on the right front side of Hey Teach, which just leaves two sleeves, some button bands, and a whole heck of a lot of seaming. Math has never been my strong point, but why does it feel like I'm still less than 50% done with this project?

The fall Semester starts on monday!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Other fish

Just thought I'd pop in briefly and mention Hey, Teach.

After a month of ignoring this project I'm finally back in the game! finished the back piece tonight and ready for more :)
sixer : you've had plenty of time to catch up, prepare yourself to be left in the dust ^__^

BTW, my camera is still in it's death throes, so the color in these photos are pretty off.....

Monday, August 3, 2009

To frog or not

Hi Blog, Theo here.

I feel as if perhaps I was leading you on with my last post. It's true that the duplicate stitch has seen some success, but in actuality all is not well with the snowflake arm warmers. The yarn isn't actually itchy.....
there's just a lot of tension and it feels.... funny to the touch. But not all the time, depending on the time of day I want to frog it and never-ever touch it again, or I feel that it's actually soft and I'll enjoy wearing it against my sensitive skin.
Furthermore, some days I hate the way the duplicate stitch bunches when I bend my elbows, while other days it seems normal and un-problematic. I'm so conflicted I don't know what to do. Should I dump this project and commit the yarn to something else? (perhaps a fair isle hat?) or should I persevere and learn to love the FO?

I don't know, I feel like I need some distance.