Sunday, November 13, 2011

FO : Swallowtail

Hey blog!

I really didn't think I'd make it. I've spent the last two weeks or so dreading finishing this, convinced that I was going to run out of yarn just at the bind-off row or something...

Which turned out to be a completely needless fear. Bound off last night and wove in all the ends!

This is my second time knitting the swallowtail, and I admit my first thought has been that this pattern is way harder to knit than I remember. I've had so much trouble dropping yarn overs, knitting them into the nupps, and (my least favorite ) missing a stitch in the p5tog's. But then I took a look at my old swallowtail on ravelry and remembered that it took me over a year to knit it and that I ripped it back and cast it on a grand total of three times. So the moral here is that I tend to romanticize my past knitting experiences.

I made a lot of mistakes in this Shawl that I simply didn't have the heart to correct. They aren't huge or anything, and it's unlikely they'd be noticed without a person being told to look for them. Of course, a knitter's critical eye would notice the variation in the pattern, but again, it's not horrible. I had 5-7 rows where my last 3 stitches consistently did not match up with the chart even though the rest of the shawl was fine, and I was constantly endding up with too few or too many stitches. I'm not sure how but eventually everything just worked out.

Pattern: Swallowtail
Yarn: Jojoland Cashmere (2 ply)
Needles : US4
Cast on : October 8
Bind off : November 12

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