Saturday, September 4, 2010

FO: Turn a Square

Hey blog.

Whew. I'm beat. Spent all day walking around at the Maryland Renaissance fair, which is always a blast! Anywho, today's FO is another repeat pattern, and a brooklyn tweed design no less, the Turn a Square hat!

I love this hat, I have a dream of someday knitting one in a self-striping yarn. That would rock. For this hat, I used left over yarn from two different projects. The purple is Bernat silky left over from my Treads, and the blueish gray is (I think) Ella Rea left over from the fetching gloves I made back in december....

Notes.... It says in the instructions to knit for 5 inches before doing the decreases.... My head isn't that tall so next time I'll probably just ignore that. Also, I'm clearly doing the jogless jog wrong. But it's not that big a deal, just something else for my list of 'techniques that need polishing'

Huzzah for post that are short & sweet :P


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