Wednesday, May 18, 2011

FO : Mystery Starghan

Dear blog,

I feel like it's been ages since I've had a decent FO post, so here's my attempt.
The knitted starghan pattern is delightful in many ways; simple, easy to follow, and brilliant. I love that you can knit in a circle and end up with a star-shape. That, to me, is awesome.

I managed to cram all these stitches onto a teeny tiny circular needle. I bought four skeins to do the stripes, but ended up only using half of each color (So there's another stripy pattern in my future.)
The blanket is miles and miles of knitting, with only a token scattering of yarn overs and decreases so it did get a little mind-numbing in places. But after all, that's what Buffy is for ^__^

In other news ; Onerva is going at a steady pace, Evangeline is nearly done, and I placed a knitpicks order today for a sweaters worth of dark blue yarn ^^;;

Peace out.


  1. WOW... complete and total awesomeness!

  2. It's even prettier in person! Joey loves it :)