Sunday, April 24, 2011

Knit Picks fatality.

Hello Blog,

I've been knitting steadily on the big Mystery Project this past week when this happened:

I love knitpick's needles and I use them extensively, so I'm surprised and distressed that this should happen. For now everything is OK, I stuck the two pieces back together and so far they've stayed that way. I'm just a little sad and concerened that it'll eventually happen again, then there will be dropped stitches and cursing and I'll probably have to replace it.

The good news in all this of course, is that the project is going pretty fast. I'm knitting through Buffy again - taking it a bit slower than my last marathon - I've also still got four or five seasons of medium to watch, but I'm saving that to finish Onerva with.

I've also got a new project planned, yarn bought and everything, which I'm hoping to start sometime next week!

Until later,

Sunday, April 10, 2011


One of the lace patterns that have been in my queue for a long time is the onerva shawl. It's so simple and elegant, and I knew the moment I saw it that I wanted to knit it in a soft gray color. Recently visited my new LYS and picked up some Malabrigo laceweight. Oh, my, is it soft. Compared to Knitpicks pallette, and knitpicks gloss lace, which I knit my previous shawls with, this yarn is like butter, or bunny fur, or clouds. It's sooo nice. Mmmm. I'm in love with it. It's hard for me to make progress on my shawl because I keep petting it rather than knitting.

I am finding this pattern to be unreasonably difficult to knit, however. It is not written in english, but since the majority of it is just a lace chart, I figured that wouldn't really be an issue. But for some reason this chart has confused the ever living daylights out of me. With a lot of help from the notes of other wonderful knitters, I feel that I've sort of kind of got the hang of it now, but for the first 40 or so rows I was totally knitting blind.

Now that I've got a hang of the pattern I feel that I should be able to finish it pretty quickly :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

FO: Boot Camp and Waiting Scarf


Here it is, my home-baked super long scarf ^__^

I loooove the colors of the scarf, I can't wait until I encounter some cold weather worthy of wearing it, but I suspect it's going to be a while because it's really nice here :)

As I've already said, started this project to de-stress on my way to boot camp, and finished it here in monterey as I was settling in at my new school ^^;;

Spoiler alert; This past weekend I totally visited my new LYS ;P