Sunday, April 24, 2011

Knit Picks fatality.

Hello Blog,

I've been knitting steadily on the big Mystery Project this past week when this happened:

I love knitpick's needles and I use them extensively, so I'm surprised and distressed that this should happen. For now everything is OK, I stuck the two pieces back together and so far they've stayed that way. I'm just a little sad and concerened that it'll eventually happen again, then there will be dropped stitches and cursing and I'll probably have to replace it.

The good news in all this of course, is that the project is going pretty fast. I'm knitting through Buffy again - taking it a bit slower than my last marathon - I've also still got four or five seasons of medium to watch, but I'm saving that to finish Onerva with.

I've also got a new project planned, yarn bought and everything, which I'm hoping to start sometime next week!

Until later,

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