Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Small Haul

Hey blog!

We know the posts have a been a bit thin lately. Don't worry! I've been knitting hard on the blanket, and now that it's nearly done I expect a bit more momentum here. Which reminds me, with the blanket's eminent FO-dom, I've been thinking allot about what my next project will be (and I haven't forgotten the other WIPS, either. ) Here's a small taste of what to expect in the future :

Got these at a Joann's (nearest one is 45 minutes from where I live. Yeah. )
Since the stop over was unplanned, I wasn't prepared to buy buttons for my sweater. Had no idea what size or color to get, so I grabbed these kinda randomly. We'll see if they work out or not this weekend ^^;;

Until Next

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