Friday, April 13, 2012

Stripes and the ways I loath them

Dear Blog,

This is the scarf I started. A month ago. Notice how it's barely a third of the way done. Normally in this kind of situation, I'd complain about how busy I am, how I just can't seem to find enough time to knit, or I'm so exhausted that I fall asleep at the needles. But no. This time, I'm the only one to blame. This time, because I should have seen this coming.

You see blog. I had this idea. I graduate soon and I want to knit something nice for some of my teachers. I saw this sock yarn and thought that it would be perfect, and I could get started right away without having to go to a speciality store that sells lace-weight. I noticed that it was variegated self-striping yarn, and I briefly remembered that I absolutely hate stripy scarves. But I reminded myself that striped scarves are a classic accessory and most people like them.

Then, you know what I did? I looked for a pattern. I really really felt like knitting lace, and so even thought I don't like variegated lace, I continued. "It's not for me, and lots of people like variegated lace"
The pattern I picked had a combination of lace and cables. I love lace and cables combos. I think they are neat.
I think vertical cables with horizontal stripes are kind of retarded, and that only a blind confused drunk knitter in a dark movie theatre would ever think that those two things should mix, (Not that I'm judging you, if that happens to be your thing.)
But I thought, no biggie, I'm not knitting it for myself, right?

I think we all know the moral of this story. If a knitter isn't thrilled with it, she isn't going to be thrilled to knit it. Part of me feels like I should keep going, since I've already come this far, and lets face it, what else would I do with this yarn?
And part of me feels guilty that I'd be willing to knit something for someone else that I have such clear personal objections to.

So blog, I leave it to you. Forward or Frog?

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