Thursday, June 27, 2013

Peace to knit

Hello everyone,

Today I'm writing from an undisclosed location, on the opposite side of the country from my house. After spending a whole day in the airport yesterday I can finally relax. Aaron and I have really been looking forward to this trip, and with work becoming more tiring and stressful, I feel that I really need it.

Sooo, in preparation for the journey I cast on two new projects. Not pictured is a pair of socks, the Old Joe pattern, in a brown shade of dream in color smooshy. I've attempted to cast it on as two socks on one circular.... and I've knit about an inch of the ribbing. But I think I must be doing it wrong, because it is really hard and unpleasant o.0

The second project, is the crooked cathedral. I really really love this project, I think it's lovely. But, as a chart knitter, let me just say, not loving the chart in this pattern so much. I got so fed up with it that I'm actually knitting off of the written pattern. Weird, right?   We had a lot of time in the airport/ on the plane, so I thought I'd be able to get a lot done. I did end up sleeping a lot on the plane, so I got maybe 3-4 hours total knitting time out of it.

I also brought two older WIPS with me, so we'll see if I make any progress on them :)

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