Monday, August 26, 2013

Prep work

Hello blog!

Lots to say this week, so I guess I'll just jump right in. Even though the weather outside hasn't really started to change yet, I'm definitely starting to feel the pull of fall. My whole attitude towards knitting/crafting starts to change the closer we get to autumn, most notably the need to organize and prepare everything.

Wanted to buy this so badly. Please someone help me justify going back and getting this 0.0

First off I finished spinning my first pound on my wheel! After the first 4 ounces of 'practice' fiber which ended up being 68 yards of thick and thin bulky, I spun 8 ounces of singles and then two-plied them. Plying them regularly was waaay easier than my bumpy attempt at chain plying on the wheel (even managed to break my drive band with the second attempt yesterday, but that is a whole other story). This yielded two skeins at about 260 yards each. They are still drying but early WIP suggests a range of about 16-20. That makes it a heavy lace/fingering weight!  We'll see if the fiber gains any significant width after washing. I have to say I was pretty proud of myself for accidently spinning so thin - 3 ply fingering weight is my ultimate goal and this seems like a pretty hopeful omen. However realizing that I don't have the skill/talent yet to spin the weight I want on purpose takes some of that away.

Decided to spin my last 4 ounces in an attempts to get a 3-ply bulky to match my first bit. Its a little thinner over all than my first sample, and more consistent, coming in to a heavy worsted/bulky weight. At about 100 yards, hoping to combine the two to get a hat!

Anyway, stay tuned to this channel, once the yarn dries I plan to dye everything with kool-aid!

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