Friday, August 30, 2013



I am on a roll. Hopefully by now the Scheduled post thing is working smoothly. Can you tell I sat down and wrote all of this weeks posts on one day?  How else am I supposed to find the time?

I have TWO FOS that the blog has yet to see. One still hasn't been photographed yet, so fingers crossed you'll see it next week, the other is the infamous sleekit mitts, and if you watch my vlog you've already seen them.

These are the Sleekit Mitts  by Star Rabinowitz.  It's a free pattern, and let me just say that free patterns on ravelry are not all created equal. However, this one is superb! The thumb gusset alone is lovely and the whole design is simple yet elegant. If you are on the look out for a sweet mitt pattern that is free, look no further!

CO : March 12
BO : August 5
Needles : US 0
Yarn : 1/2 skien dream in color smooshy.

And yes, I am completely obsessed with dream in color yarns :)

Check out Tami's for more FOs!


  1. Nice one! I love the colours of this one - and the combination of the small rib together with the "scallope" is also beautiful. :)

  2. Beautiful fit! Thumb gussets are the best for that, aren't they?!

  3. wow these are lovely, absolutely perfect fit and the colour is amazing. Have a creative weekend xx

  4. Your mitts are lovely!

  5. Awesome mittens! Love the color.

    Here's my FO: