Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dark Mark Scarf Update #1

Hello blog!

with the help of photoboth I am ready to update you on my dark mark scarf progress ^__^ I'm knitting on this project pretty much exclusively right now, but it's still going at a snails pace. I have 21 more rows to do to finish the first dark mark, then miles of patternless middle, and then a second dark mark on the other side. And there's a deadline. Deadline knitting is kinda stressful but awesome at the same time. Anyways, on with the photos :

Pretty sweet huh? I'm basically knitting two scarfs in one, instead of following the instructions in the pattern for shadow knitting, I'm knitting this with the double knitting technique, so it's reversible ^^;; There's a good tutorial on double knitting here if you're curious.

Looking at what I've knit so far, there are a *few* places in the pattern where I wish I had altered things a little differently, but overall I think it's coming out nice. I can't wait to finish!

That's all I've got for now,

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