Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cables and Lace

Dear blog,

Despite the lack of posts lately there HAS been significant knitting going on around here. In-between finals and moving and family and all the fun stuff associated with graduating, and summer I've been knitting my olympic shawl. It's blocking now and will get it's own post later, but for now how about a progress shot?


On Tuesday I cast on for Laurel (Rav link), this is the hat pattern. The one that I have been waiting to knit for what seems like decades. Since the first day this pattern was published it has been in my queue, and now, finally, it's on my needles!
I love knitting hats. I don't know why, somehow it just feels right to knit them. Maybe it's because I love circular knitting, or maybe it's because in my mind I look wicked awesome in hats, but I love it. And cables just make a hat pattern that much sweeter. I love lace, but to me lace is like a good book. Something classic like Anne of Green Gables or Pride and Prejudice. Something soothing. But cables? Cables are what I do when I feel adventurous. Instead of sky diving or roller-coaster riding, I whip out my cable-needle and have at it. But not just any cables, charted cables. Laurel's beautiful cable chart takes my breath away, and when I'm knitting from them I feel rather dizzy. In short, when I feel like doing a little 'thrill seeking' I get my euphoric adrenaline high from knitting cables.

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