Thursday, May 13, 2010

FO : Jaywalker socks

Yesterday, I decided I'd had enough, I was finishing the sock. I alternated between knitting and studying (first final is Saturday!) and finally around dinner time, I gave up studying all together and watched Dr. Who instead, I cast off on the Jaywalker sock late into the night, and I couldn't be happier

Pattern : Jaywalker
Needles : US1
Yarn : The March Hare
Colorway : India Corn
Cast on : January 12
Cast off : May 12

I'm very excited. This brings my sock-knitting accomplishments up to two pairs. I kitchener stitched the toe closed without hysterics, and I'm overcoming my gusset phobia. Add to that the fact that I would have finished months earlier if the Knitting Olympics hadn't distracted me, and I'd call this an all around success.


  1. Yay! I actually found the ball band for that yarn in my stuff today, weird. . . . Wait, does this mean we're tied?