Saturday, June 26, 2010

Field Report

Hey, blog.
No pictures today, just a brief update on the swallowtail. Had a bit of trouble with the end of chart 2, I missed the yarn over before the center stitch and had to rip back two rows, not once, but twice. Meh, I should learn not to knit at 1 AM. Anyway, I'm on chart 3A now, and something doesn't seem right. It's not lining up, and I don't even know if it's supposed to or not, just that it isn't and I'm uber paranoid. Anyway I've been avoiding kitting it trying to think what to do and working on the cursed scarf in the meantime. But I've decided to finish the row, and if I'm up or down a stitch I'll rip back and try to work out what's wrong, but if I finish the row even I'll take that for a sign that everything is going as it should.

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