Wednesday, June 16, 2010

FO : Laurel

Hello blog,

I'm very tired today and the sky is rather dark and dreary. The majority of my family has left on vacation and I'm here in the house all alone, with nothing but job applications, knitting, and Rob Inglis for company. (He's the reader for the fellowship of the ring audio book that recently came into my possession.)
Anyway, it sounds crazy to say but all this quiet is making me feel rather listless and dull. I'm glad I've been able to visit with my girlfriends this week, otherwise I might be bouncing off the walls by friday!
But enough about me! Today is an FO post. Finished the Laurel hat, and glad to say it fits perfectly and is so lovely that I'm wearing it around the house, despite the heat.

Pattern : Laurel
Yarn : Cascade 220 superwash
Needles : US3, US7
Cast on : May 26
Cast off : June 14

Some notes about this pattern...

Knitting this was a joy, really. The chart is just a pleasure to knit off of, and the cables are so charming and clever, not only did I never get bored knitting this hat, but I also never felt bogged down, even while knitting the fiddly bits. The bobbles, specifically, weren't nearly as horrible as I had anticipated and I actually quiet enjoyed them!
My only complaint is the special rows where your supposed to move the stitch marker. The directions for them didn't make much sense, especially rows 32 & 34, and the errata page didn't really help either. I'm not convinced that it's actually a mistake in the pattern, but *I* couldn't figure out what was meant by them and I ended up completely ignoring the written instructions and just shifting the stitches around until they lined up the way the chart said, and that worked well enough. It didn't turn out to be that big a deal, in the end, but it was a bit confusing/frustrating at first.

Anyway, look forward to another post from me rather soonish as I've already cast on for another project. That's 2 projects on the needles and I generally like to have 3 going at all times, so I'll have to look into making that happen today ^^;;


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