Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August update

Dear blog,

What's on the needles right now?

I'm still working on the sunshine shawl, and by that I mean that I haven't touched it since my last post. I love the pattern, but all I have is a PDF version, and a combination of me desperately avoiding the internet during the week, and hating the school laptop have definitely slowed the process down. My goal for this week is to find a printer.

Also, I realize I'm running out of time, especially if I'm still delusional enough to think I can finish this and two other lace projects by Christmas. Just to confirm my insanity I went ahead and ordered the yarn for shawl number two today. In my head I'll be knitting the Peacock Shawlette, in the near future.

I have managed to produce a new FO, however. Picture pending, it's the Eyelet and feather socks from the book sock yarn one-skien wonders. I'm actually starting to really love knitting socks, in fact I've already got my eye on a potential next pattern, but one thing I didn't love so much about this sock was the yarn. Patons stretch sock. ugg. It's stretchy and stringy and it feels more like knitting with thin rope then with yarn. Not at all a pleasant experience. So as far as Patons sock yarn goes, my advice is to stick to kroy. It's soft and yummy ^^;; The one good thing I can say about stretch is that there was no pooling and the two socks almost match up perfectly stripe-wise.

I'll edit this post later to include a picture, when I find the time.

Also, just for kicks, I'm knitting a Ravenclaw house scarf. I'm sort of tossing around halloween ideas for this year, and I haven't really decided how committed I am to the costume thing, so I'm knitting this up 'just in case' I don't get around to doing something cooler.

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  1. I looove the peacock shawlette, it caught my eye when I started looking for lace projects to try :)