Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wishful WIPS 2

Dear Blog,

My next pattern is a pair of color work mittens, but before I get into that, I feel like I should explain a little. My last run-in with color work knitting was with the Rose mittens. It's a really cute pattern that I loved to death, and when I started it everything was great: my gauge was on-spot, it wasn't tedious like I'd feared... but halfway through the glove my gauge changed drastically. So much so that I couldn't fit the glove on, and I've been a little skittish around color work projects ever since. But this pattern? This one would be worth it :

Flutter Butterfly mittens by Mimi Hill. These things are so awesome... I must admit I feel a little dizzy when I look at them. And I imagine myself knitting them in so many different color combinations......

I know they'd be the perfect motivation to give color-knitting another go, I love a good challenge, and can you imagine wearing something that spiffy around town? A knitter couldn't hope for a more fashionable accessory ^__^

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