Friday, August 12, 2011

Wishful WIPS

Dear Blog,

Welcome to a new line of mini-posts designed to hide the fact that I don't have much actual knitting news to report. This new series 'Wishful WIPS' will feature a new pattern each week that I wish I was knitting, and why. I'm gonna start off with a few socks, mittens, and hats, before switching it up to some truly fantasy level projects like shawls, sweaters, and blankets. That way I can pretend that my knitting is cooler than it actually is.

The first pattern is new, designed by one of my favorite knitters Glenna. C :

These socks are so cute! The perfect combination of dainty and practical, with a pretty easy stitch pattern. In my mind, I imagine knitting these up in a fun variegated yarn, possibly a yellow-pink, pink-blue, or pink/yellow/orange combination.

I think those colors match pefectly the personality of Kaylee, the character that inspired this pattern. There's nothing more fun (or geekier) than fire-fly inspired foot-ware. Let's set that on fire! ^_-


  1. I love this idea! I might have kept up with my own knitting blog if I had thought to write about patterns I like in addition to what was on my needles. ;)