Sunday, September 18, 2011

Raising from the ashes

Dear blog,

I recently cast on for the peacock shawlette, and that's going well for now. No I haven't finished the sunshine shawl yet, there's been a snag with the lace edging that has set me back, and frankly I'm not even sure what I did wrong, much less how to fix it.
Knitting in general has moved to the back burner recently, I had a huge test this past week, and I've just been studying like crazy. I feel like I'm already behind on the new unit and we just started it!
definitely starting to feel the edges of panic over all this deadline knitting too. Starting to have dreams about hats and gloves!

On a more upbeat note, went to the northern california renfair this week. It was awesome, of course. Got a huge kick out of seeing Royale hare there, with all their roving and spinning wheels and everything. Looking forward to the day when I have space to keep a spinning wheel in!



  1. Yay for Cali having a renn faire! I'm trying to figure out when we can get to our Renn Fest, next weekend is Pirate Weekend (unofficially, they've done away with themed weekends 0_0 ) but I don't think we'll make it until later in the fall...

  2. What? Why on earth would they get rid of themed weekends? That's crazy.
    Well, when you go, make sure you eat a turkey leg or something for me ;)
    The Cali renn fair was freaking awesome, but home is home!