Friday, September 30, 2011

A piece of cake

Or I should say, a clever deception. A present from Sixer came in the mail today. She had me throughly convinced that she was sending me cake mix for my birthday, so imagine my surprise and delight when this came in the mail!

They say it's necessary to have a swift in order to use these things.......
And when the instructions say "don't try to do it yourself, get a friend to help if you don't have one" it's probably safe to assume that they know what their talking about, and deciding to 'see if you can figure it out' as something to 'keep my hands busy' while making appointments on the phone is probably not the best of ideas. But whatever. No matter the method or the duration, what matters is the end product:

I've always been kind of envious of everyone else's pretty yarn cakes, looks like I'm one of the cool kids now XD

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