Sunday, September 25, 2011

A String Fling

Dear blog,

I was wandering around michaels crafts store yesterday, drooling over all the halloween craft stuff and, more importantly, picking up some extra yarn to finish up my Ravenclaw scarf, when I noticed the bins of Sugar N Cream. I must admit, they caught my eye. Their so small and dainty, and they have the most delightful selection of colors. I was tempted, and even though I knew I had no interest in completing a project with them (I've never liked them much, on a whole ), even though I knew I couldn't commit even to a scarf or a small hat, I bought some. After all, I thought, what's the harm in some innocent fun, right? And then, because I was also eyeing a certain crochet pattern book, Tabby bought that for me as a birthday present, and now, what am I supposed to do with myself?

I'm not actually committing to anything from this book yet - I still have to finish all these lace shawls I'm working on, but there are only three patterns in here that I hate. All the others I can see myself crocheting, and there are one or two that I want to drop everything for and start RIGHT NOW. So in preparation, I'm re-learning the basic stitches. I'm finding the hardest part right now to be keeping my tension the same for each row. ^^;; And of course, I'm getting no end of pleasure from the fact that it's not knitting, and it's not red.

In other news. Only two rows to the end of the main lace chart for the Peacock shawl, after that it's just rows of mostly plain knitting.

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