Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Boyfriend Sucks

Dear blog.

On friday morning I cast on a pair of socks. The pattern : My Vampire Boyfriend. I've had my eye on this pattern for a while. I love cables, I'm learning to love socks, and I adore Vampires. I'm re-watching Buffy again (I know, I know. ) And I really wanted to cast these on and knit them while watching it, as an obvious tribute to Spike. However, there is a second Vamp I'd like to dedicate them to: Being Human's Mitchell.
The socks are green in his honor.

He does classic dark and moody with style. <3

When I first cast these on, I was a little afraid that they'd be a bit too fiddly for me. I love cables, but I'm not a complete fan of the DPN's as of yet, especially the tiny size 0's I'm using. But Within hours I was hooked, and now that I've finished (and blocked) the Phoenix Shawl and have cast on another Swallowtail.... It's going to be hard to pull myself away from these, that's all I'm saying.

With a bit of luck and good weather, I should have FO photos of the Phoenix before the weekend is out. Until then, Cheers ^__~

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