Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dragon Dance Saga

Hello blog,

I have something extra yummy to show you today, curtsey of my very good friend Jeanne. She went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival earlier this year and picked me up a skien of yarn. Not any skien of yarn mind you, Socks That Rock Medium-weight.

This yarn is Soft, Luscious, Plump, Juicy... In short it's gorgeous. The skien is in one of my favorite colors - bronze-orange. And the color-way is named 'Dragon Dance.'
Really I don't know a stronger word for 'perfect'.

Obviously I couldn't resist swatching it up. I've got a few projects going already, but since my main project right now is beaded lace, I figured a simple sock pattern would be OK. Some of you might be asking me why I would start another sock when I have yet to finish the Vampire Boyfriend Socks that I cast on in October last year. Those people obviously have never touched STR.

I picked a simple ribbed sock pattern. Mostly because I wanted something simple to keep in my purse, and because I didn't want a complex pattern muddying up the lovely color way, but also because one of my favorite bloggers, Glenna, just finished a pair recently from her own sock recipe.  I'm taking my socks everywhere, including but not limited to yesterday's five mile hike through Patapsco State Park.

You can't see it in this photo, but I'm actually standing on top of a small waterfall.

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  1. Like. :) oh, wrong site. Love the name and the color- so fun. Also, Love how you use the word 'simple' in association with knitting socks. Your sense of reality is off, you know. <3