Sunday, September 23, 2012


Hi Blog,

September is slowly fading away, and I've been knitting pretty consistently. Got two active WIPS right now. First up is the jeweled cowl.

Not a lot to say about it. It's insanely easy, the hardest part is putting on the 14 beads every other row, and thats more fiddly than challenging. I did kinda twist it while joining in the round, so it's a bit of a mobius strip, but oh well. I think it'll still be lovely when its finished.

I even knit a few rows on it while out drinking over my vacation. Just to say that I did it. Beaded lace in a bar? Why not!

Second up is the Dragon Dance Socks. These are knitting up in record time. The first sock was finished in mere days, and I'm already working the heelflap of sock #2

I expect these will be cast off in no time.


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