Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WIP Lineup

Hello everyone,

Don't have a whole lot to say today, so let's get right to the WIPs!

From left to right we have

Interim mitts : Frogged, haven't given up yet though. 
Sleekit Mitts : Thumb gusset increases for first mitt, worried about gauge
Endpaper mitts : Started the ribbing for the 2nd mitt
Jewled cowl : More than halfway done!

I also started a new project. Bramble. In Tosh Lace. I started it to participate in TheFatsquirrel's Gratitude KAL.  I heard about it while reading another WIPW post last week (Here).  
 I'm so glad I started participating in the WIP Wednesday posts that Tami hosts. It really is expanding my knitting horizons and I'm hearing about so many cool things!  For instance I really love listening to knitting podcasts, but most of the ones I listened to in college have stopped running, and I never have any luck with itunes' podcast search. So I'm glad I found out about The Fat Squirrel Speaks

I'm wondering what else I might be missing out on, so if you have a minute,  please leave your favorite knitting/spinning podcast in the comments :) 


  1. I'm woefully behind on podcasts, but I do enjoy the Yarn Thing & Stash-and-Burn! Love the color of that Tosh Lace!

  2. I'm such a fangirl for anything Tosh and that lace colorway is delicious!