Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wisteria WIPS

Hello everyone,

How are you?  I'm still working on the Gratitude KAL. Not sure if I'll finish in time, but I'm really enjoying it. It's so easy to say that you are grateful for the big stuff, like "Family" "Health" "A Job" and not really mean it. I think people take gratefulness forgranted sometimes. They say, "of course I'm grateful!" for those things, but they don't stop to really feel what they are saying. That's why I've been focusing more on the smaller, every day things in my life. I thought it would be hard but it's been ridiculously easy!

Aaron's Grandparents have been visiting all week, and they are just such delightful people! I feel lucky to be joining their family :)  It's not the first time I've met them, but I have managed to get to know them a lot better this time around. Grandma is just as serious about cross stitch as I am about knitting, and we both love everything purple, so it hasn't been hard to find things to talk about!

I found out that she is interested in learning how to crochet flowers, so I looked up patterns and did this :

She also likes photography, so I got to see what I look like to other people when I take photos of my yarn

And knit in public 

Went shopping for wedding shoes! I ended up getting the flats... Wish they came in a Wide! How come there aren't more dress shoes for people with wide feet? 

This candle smells like heaven!  Lilac and Wisteria!  Wisteria grows like a weed here in Augusta. We kept seeing it on the side of the road everywhere we went, and eventually we just couldn't take it anymore and we pulled over and picked some ^__^ 

I feel like I should have gotten a *little* bit more knitting done, but it was a pretty fun-filled week!

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