Friday, March 29, 2013

Half FO

Hello Everyone!

Today I'm squeezing into the FO Friday club at the very last moment! I'll tell you what, I've been all messed up this week. I took a day off yesterday, and all day I kept thinking how it was such a shame that I hadn't finished my mitten in time to do a Friday post this week. The thought process continued until about noon today when I realized WAIT A MINUTE, FRIDAY IS TODAY.  I finished the mitt, and I figure that one whole finished  glove totally counts as finishing something, and is thus worth an FO post, right?

But I couldn't post yet. The way that I prevent the dreaded second sock syndrome (or glove in this case), is a simple easy rule : I alway cast on and knit at least four rows of the 2nd glove on the same day that I bind off the first. The reasoning is simple. It's because I hate casting on and joining in the round. I hate it. It's my absolute least favorite knitting thing to do. I'd even rather weave in ends than do it. So yeah. I made myself do that. (Although secretly it's possibly I will have to re-do it since the tubular cast on sort of kicked my ass today, but that's another story. )

Anyway I was being good and casting on, and then I asked Aaron what he wanted to do about dinner, and before I knew it a dinner of wine and pizza was happening, and then there was some multiplayer Minecraft, and an epic adventure to find sheep and bring them across varied terrain back to our established base of operations and..... well to cut off an incredibly dull story, here I am posting later better than never!

Check out Tami's for more (hopefully complete) FO's!


  1. That's an incredibly beautiful and difficult to knit (at least for me, fair isle, brr) mitten, so, yea, it counts as an FO! Do the second one promptly, these are totally worth wearing!

  2. Pizza and video games definitely trump blogging! But seriously those are beautiful mitts.