Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bliss in Bramble

Hello everyone, I know it's been about a month  since my last post and I'd just like to say, my bad people.  I haven't been making much progress knitting wise lately, I've been knitting exclusively on the Bramble Shawl ever since I started it as part of the Fat Squirrel's Gratitude KAL. That KAL ended what, April 28th?  But I'm still working on it.

I really don't have much to say at all, except hi and I hope to be coming back to regularly spaced posts soon. Here is a photo of some gorgeous yarn. I'm so Lucky not only to have wicked awesome friends, but I'm also lucky that those friends have wicked taste and like shopping for luxury yarn. Wow. Thanks Girl ;)

Oh, and I'm a fairly bad looser, so normally I'd be pissed off about missing the KAL deadline, but in the spirit of it being a GRATITUDE KAL, I'm actually pretty happy that I got to knit it on Sunday :

Also cool is having a crafty sister who learns how to cross-stitch. She made this for the ring bearer. How awesome is that? 

That's all for now. Just realized I totally missed the fact that Dr. Who is back on, so I have 7 whole episodes to catch up on 0.0


  1. :)So I was literally just remembering how we had 5 episodes of dr who to catch up on, when I was like "hmmm, I should check into the blog, see if anyone's posted anything" and then I see your comment about dr who at the bottom and I thought to myself how grand life is when your friends think like you lol <3

  2. Ha, that's crazy. Finished the last episode and now I don't know what to do with myself. I need more!!

  3. So I am just now seeing this post, totally had no idea the yarn was "luxury" I just picked something pretty and soft ;) I love that it just happened to go with your shoes, perfect!! I'm a Doctor Who slacker, I'm still not caught up, but at least I've met Clara!