Monday, September 2, 2013

Death by Kool-Aid

Hello Blog!

Today is going to be pretty photo heavy, ok? ^_^

Took my hand-spun

And this set up  (these are just the swatches, I used glass mixing bowls to dye the actual yarn )

To end up with this!

It's my first pound of fiber spun on the wheel. I got several skeins in different weights. Three (the blues and greens ) are worsted/bulky, the other two (red/purple) are fingering-ish

My friend Amanda also came over and did hers. She used  This tutorial to do three long color stripes.

Pretty, right?

Some notes : I got two packets of each color, and it wasn't really enough. We used everything up and there were definitely some parts of the yarn that ended up lighter than the rest due to lack of dye. Everything was dyed with the Kool-Aid except the green color, which was Hawaiian punch, works the same way!
 Also, this stuff will seriously dye your hands :)

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  1. Beautiful colors! And gloves, I shoulda used em'...seriously! But the color did washout in a couple of days. Takes longer to get out of your fingernails. :D