Friday, November 23, 2012

Because I Can

Dear Blog,

I was knitting on my Vampire Boyfriend socks at work yesterday, getting perilously close to the beginning of the heel flap, and I must have zoned out because I somehow managed to cross my cable the wrong way.

First off, how the hell did I do that? The center cable is always a C4B. Always. It's never anything else. And the pattern is pretty easy to read and not at all confusing so why for the love of wool would I suddenly start knitting a different cable?  Anyway. The point is I noticed the mistake 3 or 4 rows after the fact and I thought myself. "Huh. I could fix that." But continued to knit. Even though the thought that this cable thingy was a mistake that I could easily fix without that much effort kept creeping into my mind, I ignored it. Because, hey, it's just one lousy cable right? Who'd notice?  That's why hand knits are so lovable anyway. All those mistakes.

Maybe. Maybe if I were a new knitter and I seriously thought I would have to tink back those 4 rows, fix the mistake, and then knit those four rows all over again. Maybe then that kind of laziness would be acceptable. But not for me. I knew I was just being unreasonably sloth-like, so eventually I dropped those four offending stitches. Pulled out the bad cable.

And used the little ladder-loops to put the cable back where it belongs.  It only took a few short minutes and not a lot of fuss, it looks the way it's supposed to and no-one will ever know that it was once crossed the wrong way.


I did it because I can. And it's really that simple.

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