Sunday, November 18, 2012

FO : Good Time Mitts

Hey blog!

There has been lots of knitting going on, both casting on new projects and finishing them.  I knit these mittens in two days. Impressed? You should be. Two days during work. I'm pretty happy/smug about that. I'm sure the knitting karma will catch up with me soon though.

In the Meantime :

Pattern : Good Time Mitts
Needles: US4
Yarn : Patons Classic wool

The black yarn isn't the best for photographing, huh?
I've got some neater things to show you soonish, but until then, chew on this.  My stash has totally been there to support me these past few months. Haven't bought any new yarn since before August!


  1. Is it even cold enough to wear mittens where you are at?? ;) and Stash is good.

  2. These are actually to wear at work. For some reason the air-conditioning is super high in the classroom. We store our milk on top of the vent all day and it stays nice and chill!

    But yes. It's generally colder inside than outside right now, but we do have some random cold days. Plus I get up at 6 am, so I sometimes need to wear gloves at least until the sun comes out all the way.