Monday, November 5, 2012

FO : Selfish Set

Dear blog,

Today I'd like to show you a FO that I started way back in April. The Selfish scarf.

Pattern : One row handspun scarf
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca (Brown), Manos Del Uruguay Maxima (purplish)
Start : April 2012
End : October 2012

This scarf started as I was feeling a little sorry for myself, I was still transitioning from big-store acrylic yarns, to nicer, fancier, stuff. To justify spending the money I mostly only knit things for other people with the nice yarn, so I bought these two skeins as "me skeins" so I could get some yummy hand-knits too. Although I did knit a whole lot of other stuff this year, the main reason it took so long for me to finish this project was because I was savoring it. The Manos has got to be my favorite yarn to just knit for the pure tactile pleasure of knitting, and I wanted to hold on to that feeling for as long as possible.  I had a significant amount left over, so I made some matching mittens to go with it.

Pattern : Urban Necessity Mitts
Needles : US4
Yarn : Same as above.

Even though the Berroco is super soft, and more than soft enough for around-the neck wear in the scarf, it turns out that it gives me an unpleasant ticklish feeling on my wrist when worn as mittens. (even though its technically just as soft as the Manos, the Manos is completely smooth and cushy, while the Berroco has that wirery hairy texture to it that makes it slightly itchy if you're sensitive to that kind of thing.)
It's a bit of disappointment. I'm going to try first washing them, and then just wearing them all day in an attempt to get used to the feeling. After that, I *might* have enough Manos left to squeeze out a second pair.
A note on the pattern, yes, I was cheap and didn't knit the fingers or the mitten cap. So why even bother using that pattern instead of any number of other fingerless mitt patterns?  Because I've knit it several times before and it was still in my queue when I was ready to cast on!

I'll probably be knitting loads of mittens this winter, so if you have a favorite pattern leave it in the comments :)

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  1. How come the scarf looks brown and the mittens look blue? Are they really the same yarn? Is it the lighting?

  2. must be the lighting. It's the same yarn