Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Yarn Part I

Dear blog,

One of the most exciting times of the year, Christmas, is upon us. Or, I should say, was. I'm feeling pretty good about the fibrey part of this year's Holiday celebrations. Starting with a short little field trip to Fibre Space.
 My BFF and knitting co-conspirator Jeanne, planned for and financed the whole trip, and we ended up making a day of it. Commuting by Metro and walking five blocks in (sort of ) snowy weather definitely got us into the Christmas/yarn shopping mood. But first we ate at my favorite burger joint : Five Guys.  You can sit inside and stare at the yarn store as you eat, as I did.

Inside, Fibre Space is pretty awesome. There are two couches for sitting/purse storage. Yarns are organized by weight, the shelves are labeled with estimated cost per X yardage (to help those who want an idea how much a sweater in said yarn would cost them. ) And there were some pretty awesome locally produced and American grown yarns as well, something I always love seeing in a good Yarn Store.

They also have a freaking amazing logo and set of T-shirt and Bag designs. I think our favorite is the yarn planet + Rocket design. But I also love the Space Chick one. Couldn't resist nabbing it.

Not pictured, they also had a pretty sweet selection of fibre for hand spinning, as well as some hand-crafted drop spindles. Yummy! I resisted though, and satisfied myself with a Shawl's worth of Shelter.

Jeanne scored something Chunky in a delicious green color, also for a shawl, but in my excitement I forgot to note the brand name. Needless to say it was soft and squishy :)

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  1. Spud & Chloe was the brand I got, part wool and part cotton for durability and washability, it's so yummy :)