Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Frosted FO

Dear Blog,

I started knitting Frosted on Sunday. And let me just say this first: I've only knit one, but it's my new favorite hat pattern and I've already got it memorized.

Went to the Big Yarn store on Saturday and got some last minute acrylics. My favorite being Red Heart's Shimmer. Worsted acrylic with shiny tinsel mixed in. It's surprisingly soft and held up well to frogging.

Had to frog the headband part because I was tragically misreading the instructions for the spiral rib.  I was reading the part that said:

K2TG But do not drop stitches from left needle knit first stitch again 2X

So I was knitting the first stitch a total of three times, creating an increase, when instead your supposed to knit it just the once, and then do the whole thing again starting with the K2TG. DOH.

Tuesday I knit the 5 inches of stockinette and today I did the decreases and bound off!

Yay, this is a spur of the moment totally un-planned x-mas knitting thing. ^^;;

I also finished a second pair of the good time mitts for my boyfriend, so now we both have gloves we can get away with wearing in uniform.

WIP progress :
- Getting ready to start the thumb gusset for Nereid
- Casting on a new hat
- Swatched the Tanis blue fingering for the zombie vixen mitts

Hibernating :

Endpaper mitts due to sudden x-mas knitting

The beaded lace cowl, because lets face it, I should probably frog it and join without twisting.

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