Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Yarn Part II

Dear Blog, 

Santa was good to us this year, check it out! First, not photoed, was a gift card, promptly used to purchase a set of lace blocking wires. I've been desperately wanting some for (what seems like ) years now, and now I will have them. Bwahahaha! This combined with the knitting book I got, Finishing School, means I'll be able to conquer next-years uber lace and sweater knitting goals!

I've wanted this book for awhile, it's got all sorts of neat tips on how to add those professional last touches on projects, and it has the habit of ending up on the recommended reading lists of all my favorite bloggers. A must for any knitter's library!

Today I went over to the Post Office to pick up a present from my Sister. She's been dropping hints for awhile now so I was super excited (and a little scared) when I opened it. It's a hand painted braid of BFL for spinning, and it has all of my favorite colors in it!!
I've spun BFL before and it's true that not all BFL is the same. This stuff is considerably softer!  I'm really excited to start spinning this.

 The artists who does these braids also included a red hot-flavored lolly pop which I'm a little scared to try. Anyway, I was petting the fibre and smelling it (it's been heavily perfumed) and just generally drooling all over it when I noticed this tiny piece of paper.
I unfolded it and :

I must admit I squeaked a little. Loud enough to make Aaron come running to see if I was ok. Of course I'm ok, but I'm still wheeling from shock. It's a three month fibre club! I really don't know what to say. Of course I've tried calling (no answer), and I've texted. But how does one convey really and truly how they feel when confronted with so much fibery goodness?  

I'm still holding my breath, just in case it's just some kind of cruel joke or ill-fated mistake. But I think not.

Good thing I snagged the drop-spindle from storage the day I left Maryland ;)
Thanks Bri, you win again, what an awesome sister! 

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