Friday, February 22, 2013

FO: Zombie Vixen Mitts

Hello everyone,

Todays FO was originally supposed to be a Christmas present, but it didn't get finished in time. Since the recipient (Who I'm pretty sure doesn't read this blog. Fingers crossed), and I don't live in the same state, I decided to take it slow on finishing these after Christmas. These have been my primary at-work knitting project!

A few things about this pattern. First off, it's really great. Both well written and also with some great zombie humor thrown in. The one part of the pattern I was really skeptical about was the thumb, but I bit my tongue and did as she said and it turned out perfect! Most thumbs that I've knit involve picking up stitches around the held stitches, but this pattern doesn't. This creates a little bit of a hole that you just sew closed when you are weaving in.

Unfortunately, although the finished product is awesome, I found these mitts unpleasant to knit. Usually I love cables to death but these were a little bit fiddly. Especially the one-stitch ones. I usually knit without a cable needle but found that it was actually faster to use one for some of the more unique cabled bits.

The other part is I'm not sure I'm 100% in love with the yarn. It's soft and it doesn't split at all, but it seemed unpleasantly lose while I was knitting even though I had perfect gauge. I have enough for another pair of mitts or possibly some socks, so we will see if my opinion changes or not!

Pattern : Zombie Vixen Mitts
Yarn :  Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label (420 yards, I used about half)
Color : Mallard
Needle : US0

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