Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Juneberry WIP

Hello everyone,

Progress on the Juneberry shawl increased considerably this past week, and you will definitely be seeing it in it's finished form on friday.
It's my second time working a knit-on-edging, and I find the process to be very fascinating. For those who have never seen it or done it before, let me just say that you start by casting on 20 new stitches, and you knit the edging by basically knitting a scarf, attaching it to the main body of the shawl by knitting one shawl stitch together with the last edging stitch every RS row.  For Juneberry, the knit-on-edging makes up a substantial part of the shawl - I used 1 1/2 balls of yarn just in the edging portion of the shawl.

the shawl is going to be big. Unblocked it's already big enough to wrap comfortably around my shoulders. Looking forward to blocking it which will be my first time using actual blocking wires :)

As always, you can see more WIPS at Tami's 


  1. Your shawl looks really pretty and very intricate, I'm very impressed.
    Ali x

  2. Love it! Can't wait to see it open up with blocking.

  3. Your shawl is looking great already, just thinking now how great it will be when blocked, looking forward to seeing it.

  4. Gorgeous! I have yarn for a Juneberry, if I could only find the time to knit it :D

    Molly : )

  5. It looks great so far. Blocking wires are fabulous - the transformation will be amazing.

  6. Wow, that already looks gorgeous, can't wait to see it completely complete!