Saturday, March 23, 2013

Startitis Excuse

Hello everyone,

Today I am dangerously close to starting a new project. Why?  I had intended to finish the first glove from my Endpaper Mitts project yesterday, however I do not have the darning needle I need for the tubular bind off (it got left at my old place. )
I also can't knit on the sleekit mitts for the same reason, and even if I wanted to give interim another go, the yarn for that it also not here with me. So I concluded that I should start a new project with the yarn I have with me. I have some turquoise Tosh Lace just begging to be knit up, so I pulled out the old ball winder and swift

This yarn is destined to become the Bramble Shawl, because you can never have too many pretty lace shawls IMHO.

Of course, halfway through winding the yarn a little voice in the back of my head starting speaking. you know it said. You do have a perfectly good project you could be finishing instead, right?

I tried to ignore it, but the reality is that I DO have one, in all of it's beaded glory, waiting patiently for attention.

I don't know how long I can resist the temptation of gloriously plain knitting in the face of all of these impossibly small beads....


  1. OOhh, I WANT to see the bead projected knitted up!! Sounds like something I'd love <3.