Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Nerd Wars T9 Begins

Hello blog!

How are you? I've been busy and knitting more than usual this past week, because Nerd Wars Started on October 1st.  Have you heard of Nerd Wars?  It is a group on ravelry and a knitting game that spans three months. You join a team and complete monthly challenges to earn points and glory. There is also the option of doing a 'dissertation' project challenging enough to span all three months. If you are at all competitive and like to try to beat strange goals, this game might be for you. Of course sign ups for Tournament 9 teams have ended, but you can always play as a ninja or lurk until T10 starts ;)

I've already completed one challenge, under the encyclopedia category this months challenge was something inspired by a zoo trip. My husband and I spent two whole days at zoos during our honeymoon so I had lots of sources of inspiration. I chose to knit this baby giraffe hat because we saw lots of baby animals, including giraffes, on our visit :)

I have so many more things on the needles right now including another hat and a pair of mittens.  I've also finished the MKAL and am working up another 4oz braid on my wheel :)

My dissertation project is going to be the something pretty blanket, yes I'm using crochet for my big three month challenge. I'm knitting it in hobby lobby I love this cotton!, the flowers are going to be various shades of orange and yellow.

Watch this space I'm sure there will be more to come!

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