Friday, October 4, 2013


Hello Again! Welcome to another segment of my Shop Hop adventure, in case you missed out last time, so far I’ve already covered 3 of the nine shops, Yarn Garden, Strings and Strands, and Needle Nook.

By this time it’s like 2PM and we haven’t eaten since breakfast. We’re also ready for a rest stop so we make a quick detour to Starbucks for a quick fix, Really quick though because we are on a time crunch. Several of the yarn stores on our list close before 6 PM and they are all about 20-30 minutes apart. Time to motor!


one of the smaller shops on the hop, Sheepish had a few really good things going for them. First off, an amazing window dressing!  They were also one of the only stores to support spinning and Amanda scored some really nice Targhee roving there.  They also had stray kittens for adoption, aren’t they cute?


I really wanted one, but I know my husband would have killed me if I brought home a cat with my fiber!  Besides, Yarn Crawls are hard work and we couldn’t afford the dead weight. Speed was Key.


Next shop had the distinguished privilege of having a male sales clerk!  What a sweet guy too, he patiently answered my questions (it’s harder to find solid colored sport weight yarn in a store than you’d think!), and good-naturedly informed us that while he doesn’t knit or spin and is color blind, he writes the articles for the stores’ blog. He also had an amazing amount of knowledge about all of the yarn in the store, and the knitted designs on display.   Oh, and did I mentioned the cricket loom casually displayed on a table?  Oh yeah, we want one. So. Bad.

I must admit, I feel a little bad about cast on cottage. It was HUGE. They had everything you could possibly want. Yarn was organized by brand – so you could easily find the brand and weight of yarn that you wanted. AND they had an AMAZING color selection. One of the things that we noticed on the Hop was that while most stores carried the brands we wanted, they usually only offered one weight/type of yarn of the brand, in a limited color palette. Not  Cast-On-Cottage! They had everything and MORE!  I’m sure we could easily have spent hours looking, not to mention our whole yarn budget, but by that time we were so sure we wouldn’t be able to get to all nine stores before they closed, that we had given ourselves a mere ten minutes to pick something and pay.  I did mention a desire to find the trendy cubic needles, and how I was surprised none of the shops so far had them. The lady in the store promptly turned around and pulled out a small box of cubic needles from a cabinet  O.0;; I had already made my purchase by then and wasn’t going to make another, but I was a little…. Surprised?  Why were they kept hidden back there?  How many of the other yarn stores also secretly carried them??  The Clock was Ticking though, so we left in a hurry.  Stay Tuned to find out what happened next!

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