Tuesday, October 8, 2013


So, we hit all nine stores, it’s 8 PM, we are facing a 2 ½ hour drive home.  Someone kindly gave us cash for coffee so we grabbed dinner at a nearby subway, filled the tank with gas, got our coffee, and headed out.

I don’t really drink coffee, but Amanda noticed they had my favorite candy bar at the gas station, so I had that instead.

Amanda drove, I tried my best to stay awake and keep the conversation up, but towards the end I think we were just randomly repeating phrases like “That yarn store was awesome “  “I’ve never Spun Targhee”  “ Weren’t those Ladies nice”  “Luke is awesome”  ECT, Then there was the inevitable buyers remorse….. Not remorse over things bought, but over things left behind. “Wish I had got that”  or  “man, I really liked such-and –such”

In conclusion. We can’t wait to go back, it was lots of fun.
I feel a little dirty showing you this photo – and please understand that we planned and budgeted for this trip for MONTHS in advance, so you don’t even know what kinds of things we did without in order to scrounge up money. But I know everyone likes to see a good stash photo so….. here it is. My Shop Hop Haul.

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