Friday, November 1, 2013

Destress with spinning

Hello all,

So I missed a week of posting.  I've always known that knitting and spinning are really helpful ways to manage stress, but I think I sort of took it for granted. I took a few weeks off of spinning, because I got a bit of a spinning injury doing that lace. I felt so frazzled and stressed without my spinning! Knitting can be useful for destresing, but only if it's simple. I've been making mistake after mistake in my knitting lately so I've just been taking it easy with some granny squares.  I started missing spinning so much that I pulled out my little supported spindle from Hipstrings and worked on my cotton spinning a bit.

But today I started spinning a braid from galesart on my wheel. ooooooh, Wheel how I missed you!

Galesart is the highlighted artest for this cycles SAL in the Completely Twisted and Arbitrary group on raverlry. SALs are so useful and helpful for learning and for inspiration! I know my spinning has improved exponentially with the two SALs that I've already done, and look forward to learning more from the spinning community :)

Also round 1 of Nerd Wars ended! I successfully Dwarfed The Nebula, which is just a fancy way of saying I completed all five challenges. It is not a requirement, but you get a fancy badge and bragging rights if you do.

I also got an honorary badge from Team one more page because I mentioned a book (The Belgaraid by David Eddings ) in one of my challenge posts!

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