Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Grateful for clean water

Hello blog!

I'd like to start off this post with a little bit of thanksgiving. What am I thankful for? Clean water. My whole life I have been able to drink water straight from the tap, without fear of getting sick. Knowing that our water is safe and clean enough for drinking without filtration. I've taken that blessing for granted, and two weeks ago I got a wake up call. I got horribly sick off of our tap water. It had started to smell GROSS and taste a bit off - but I'm used to having a really over developed sense of smell while on PMS and my husband didn't notice anything, so I continued to drink the water. I kept getting worse and worse and didn't start to improve until I switched to drinking only tea (boiled water) and juice. I found out this weekend from friends that our drinking water was actually contaminated with algae and that there had be news articles about it (here, and here, for instance. ) Yesterday, a nice man dropped by our house and asked us to set up an appointment to have our tap water tested. Hmmm. Guess there is no such thing as coincidences, huh? I also found this article about a Nuclear waste spill not too far from where we live, that contaminated drinking water.  0.0 If I got sick off of nuclear spillage I'd really rather not know. Of course most likely the problem with my water was just a little bit of an algae pandemic, but either way, the point is that I love water and maybe I should start paying a little more attention to where my water is coming from and what is in it. Living in a first would country has no guarantees!

Anyway, back to knitting. Round 2 of Nerd Wars has started!!

So far I've cast on a hat in malabrigo RIOS, the most yummy delicious yarn ever, started spinning my galestart braid, and cast on the first of my knitted star tree ornaments. I'd post pictures but honestly? I just don't have the energy for that.  I will link to a cool video tutorial that I found today on how to use a cable needle to do a provisional cast on instead of waste yarn:


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